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SMEs: To Spend Time Or Invest Money?

SMEs: To Spend Time Or Invest Money?

Most small businesses are run by a sole person who spends their time on various aspects of the business. These range from Marketing to Administrative roles, Accounting roles to the actual Fulfilment role where the product/service is produced and provided. This spreads the sole entrepreneur very thinly and leaves less time for creative ideas on how to move the company forward.

Creative ideas such as a new product or a new approach to an existing marketing campaign can really be the straw that breaks your “Profit” camel’s back. So we encourage you to look into such ideas – social media campaigns, a more intuitive customer-focused website etc.

Now this begs the question: “Should you Spend Time or Invest Money into designing these materials?”

Our answer: Invest!

Here’s 5 reasons why:

Brand Identity and Representation
To the masses, your company just needs a logo, a website and a business card. It should be easy to find an online tutorial and make these, right? Wrong. Consumers are always inclined to judge the reliability and efficiency of Companies/Brands based on the quality of their visuals, designs and publications; albeit subconciously. It’s about how aesthetically pleasing your communication is.

Top Graphic designers are trained to help brands craft their personal identity and to develop consistency in publications. This includes the selection of appropriate colors, font, layout and images to ensure the overall look and feel of all publications in order to consistently capture your brand.

Boosts In-house Productivity
When a Small Business chooses to engage in all aspects of the business, chances are that they would not be covered thoroughly. There is a reason why companies engage in division of labour through various departments – each department is able to focus exclusively on achieving the company’s target with an eagle eye target via their specific roles. This in-turn boosts the productivity of the Company.

As a Small Business, you might not yet have the resources to invest into having a dedicated in-house designer. However, you can employ the services of a Design Agency like SharynDesigns.

Save Money
Save money by spending money? Yes. It is better to hire a Design Agency for your graphic and website needs from the get-go than to create a substandard version which you would end up having to spend more to overhaul and recreate soon after. This is especially true for websites.

A dedicated Web Designer would employ both technical know-how and creative ability to build well-constructed, user-friendly and aesthetically-pleasing web pages which would be considered as an asset to your business as they would attract consumers and boost your profit margin.

Expert Insight & Consultative Advice
A flyer, just like another publication, is more than just words, images, your company name and company logo. More often than not, a great design is . They can advise you on the artistic direction of the company as well as help you formulate the type of content that would reach out to your customers effectively. They can also help you figure out the best types of formats and layout that best suit the customers that you are after.

Stand Out From Competition & Excel
Regardless of your business sector you are in, the market is already saturated with competitors who are targeting the same clients and customers as you are. So using cheap templates would not give you the competitive advantage you seek for in your advertising and marketing campaigns. You need memorable and tailor-made designs to help you stand out and be distinct. A Graphic Design Agency can help to craft out unique designs that suit your brand and send out your message effectively.

We are of the belief that you can indeed WORK SMART without working hard unnecessarily. Your main target is to Excel – thriving in business by producing unparalleled results and making profit. We at SharynDesigns are poised to help you achieve that through excellent bespoke digital, print and web design services.

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